It's been awhile now. Well, I'm a busy person okay. Haha. Okay, mostly people said that i got no chill especially when there is something happening on that time. I can become so scared, happy, excited or anything. 

My "got no chill" attitude will be obvious especially when i got a presentation in front of the whole class. At first i was okay. But then when someone suddenly asked questions, there.. I immediately fucked up. Hahahah

Jealousy. Bro this one seriously got no chill at all. When my man starts talking about other girl, i will just keep silent. Even when he's talking about his school friends, but seriously i got no chill. I act damn innocent when he talks about a girl. When he finished, then suddenly want to be "mengade" with me, i will straight away "perli" him. HAHAH

Tbh, idk what to post. My life nowadays is not doing so well but I survived. I'm okay. So chill. Thank you to all who never gets tired of giving me advice. *acah hot jap* HAHA. Seriously. Thank you for not giving up on me. Thank you for still staying. Especially you. Yes, you. Bye! :)